Expressive Therapy Clinic offers a unique opportunity to participate in a 2 day weekend workshop using creativity and Art Therapy in association with other therapies such as:


· Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

· Positive Psychology

· Compassion Focused Therapy


The knowledge gained is especially helpful for Health Care Professionals, Teachers, School Counsellors, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Art therapists and people interested in gaining more skills to increase general wellness for themselves and for others they work with.






Session 1

Where did Art Therapy come from?

  • A history of the originators of past and present day ‘art therapy’
  • The varied context of the practice in UK, USA and Australia/NZ/Singapore. 9 – 10am


Session 2

What is Art Therapy?

Art + Therapy = Process and Product

Theories behind Art Therapy – gaining insight, reflection, re-integration and the transitional object.

(Art Work – Choose one of your first memories of making art- Free use of materials). 10.15 – 12pm


Lunch- 12-1pm


Session 3

Art Therapy with Children

“Art-making has multiple roles to play in the development of the emerging ego of the child” (C Essame 2010) – (Case Study – Finger Painting Water colours) 1 – 2.15pm


Session 4

Art Therapy with Adolescents

Case study of an adolescent focusing on building a frame around a safe place and identifying strengths. – (Constructing an object representing ‘how to be my own person’ Clay). 2.15 – 3.15 pm


Questions and observations 3.30 – 4.00pm




Session 1

Working with the Aged (Hugh’s Story). Working in the Disability sector- Individual Therapy (Mary’s artwork and Kalmarde Tony’s artwork). – (Putting the pieces together-Collage and colour) 9-10.30pm


Session 2

Art Therapy with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills. Working with evidenced based medical model (DBT) for Personality Disorders, Bi Polar, and Addiction in groups. Wise Mind Skill and making a Wise Mind Image. – (Wise Mind-Oil Pastels)10.30-12pm


Lunch 12-1pm


Session 3

Art Therapy with Positive Psychology.

Savouring and remembering- Art component: Participants will be asked to bring along a photo of a treasured experience. – (An artwork will be created of a ‘construction’ or a ‘momento’ using found objects) 1-2.15pm


Session 4

Art Therapy with Compassion Mind Training (CMT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

Helping someone suffering with a high self-critic, self-loathing to learn how to develop a care-giving compassion system – learning to live with their own minds.  (Art Exercise – What qualities would my compassionate image have, how could it become my nurturer– Paper faces). 2.15-3.15pm


Conclusion – Art images and Art Psychotherapy


Questions and observations 3.30-4.00

Location & Details


Megan Shiell Grad Dip Ex.Th, M.A AThr – Dialectical Behaviour Therapist



Calypso Resort, 99 Griffith Street, Coolangatta ‘Kirra 1 Room’



9.00am to 4.00pm


Morning and afternoon tea provided, you can bring lunch or buy it close by


$440 full rate. Early-bird rate of $385 if paid one month in advance (GST included).


If you prefer to fill out a PDF version of the form, . The 2018 Registration Form can be downloaded here. Please email the completed form through to



$440.00 $385.00



Early bird rate applies if paid one month prior to workshop.


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